Winner and Loser during Covid-19 lockdown

The tough time we are facing right now affects everyone whether he/she is an employee or employer. Before this pandemic, all of us are busy with our daily routine. Go to school, offices, colleges, and universities than in the evening to go out with friends and family. This is how our life was going before this lockdown.

This lockdown affects different people in different ways. We can say that in this lockdown period some are winners and some are losers. Winners are those who still work in this Covid-19 disaster and losers are those who can’t do anything and just imprison in their home.

We all know that we will come to routine soon, not that soon that we wish for but one day everything will be fine and normal. Here is a list of winners and losers’ technologies from our point of view.


  • Online Working

Before this pandemic, very little people knew about online working tools and applications that may use in working online or working from home especially in Pakistan. But with time when this disease starts rapidly spread everyone starts work from home which is the good news for those who are making or owning software.

Zoom is one of the best online working tools and its use widely nowadays.  Its stock price increase to double since December. Also, its users increase from 10M to 200M a day. TeamViewer is also present in this race. It also has seen significantly extra demand. Microsoft team also hit 44M in March. They increase by 40% in a week.

  • Gaming

The online gaming business is also in demand. After completing their online work, people also need some entertainment. In this lockdown, online games are the best entertainment. Not only online games but also hardware games are highly in demand like Xbox.

According to analysts’ game sales are increased by up to 35%. Hardware gaming consoles are up 63% that is why they are frequently out of stock.

Check the game you can play in lockdown.

  • Online Seasons

In lockdown people also putting a large amount of money in seasons on Netflix, YouTube+, and Disney+. As cinemas are shut so the major movies released during this time straight gone to digital. For Tv and films, Spotify is also there to entertain us in this boredom.

Netflix increases its new subscriber up to 16M, which is a huge amount. Netflix new biggest competitor Disney had more than 33M subscribers. Under lockdown, Spotify hit 130M subscribers which are paid.


  • Transport

It is obvious that we are busy in online gaming and watching seasons and not going anywhere. The biggest affected technology bossiness in a bad sense is Transport. We all know that this time shall too pass but despite that transport, business suffers a lot. Uber, careem, bykea, and e-scooters are on top of the list.

Uber and Careem cutting hundreds and thousands of jobs under this lockdown. E-scooters are also shut down their services in many of the best home cities. They are banned from public roads.

  • Middleman for Technology

Organizations that don’t make physical certifiable items normal individuals purchase – yet rather goes about as an agent for the individuals who do – are also stinging. AirBnB depends on individuals paying expenses when they remain with conventional individuals. Furthermore, the organization has excused a fourth of its staff, around 1,900 individuals.

Also, audits site Yelp cut 33% of its workforce, only half a month into the emergency, after cafés and bars shut their doors. Indeed, even before the lockdown, WeWork, which rents workplaces and afterward transforms them into shared office space, was expected to be rescued by one of its principal financial specialists, Softbank. In any case, that deal has now fallen.

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