The Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus is an infectious disease. It is a group of related viruses which cause respiratory tract infection in human. This respiratory tract can range from mild variety to lethal variety. Mild variety may cause common cold, fever, sore throat and tiredness while the lethal varieties can cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.

This infectious disease was initially transmitted from animals to humans. SARS, it is like, it was transmitted from civet to people while MERS moved to and infected people, camel, and rats. Many known coronaviruses circulating in animals only, that have not yet infected people.

COVID-19 Pandemic Coronavirus isolate

Older people and those who suffer from any underlying medical problem like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, and any respiratory-related disease have more chances to effect seriously and develop serious illness.

Watch for Symptoms of COVID-19

According to WHO- The World Health Organization the most common symptoms of this infectious disease are:

Cough: It was observed in less than half of the mild affected and two-third in the systematic review. It would suggest that it is unreliable as a key symptom to diagnose this disease.

Fever: More than 101 C fever is one of the most frequent symptoms of mild and moderate COVID-19.

Anosmia (Shortness of breath): Recent study in UK anosmia is the strongest reported symptom amongst all the predicted symptoms of COVID-19.

Other Symptoms: Including headache, sore throat, tiredness, diarrhea, and rhinorrhea.

WHO says, about 2 in twelve people become seriously affected. People with chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack, cancer or any respiratory disease, are at the highest risk of serious illness from coronavirus disease.

How COVID-19 spread?

Coronavirus mainly and essentially spreads through contact with an infected individual when they sneeze or cough. It can also spread when an individual touch a surface or any object that has the infection on it or touched by any COVID-19 positive individual, then touches their own eyes, nose, or mouth

Treatment for COVID-19:

There is no specific vaccine or treatment is introduced to treat the coronavirus. It is considered that symptoms of coronavirus normally and usually go away at their own in a healthy person.

If symptoms are mild, they can be treated and recovered at home. You can relief from it in the following ways.

  1. Rest and sleep, properly
  2. Keep yourself warm
  3. Drink more and more liquid
  4. Take hot showers
  5. Do gargle again and again.
  6. Separate yourself from everyone for at least 14 days

If symptoms are going lethal, like continuous flu or cold and having trouble breathing. Now it is time to concern with the doctor or health provider. Tell him/her about your recent activities, trips, and gathering. He/she will prescribe you pain and fever medication.

Living with Coronavirus:

Whenever the situation allows, maintain a possible distance from contact with others when you are feeling sick. It is also possible to spread this infectious virus in others if you don’t symptoms or side effects. The CDC currently prescribes that everybody wears a fabric mask out in the open to stop spreading and obtaining the infection. It should cover your mouth and nose. Additionally, it is also necessary to cover your hands with gloves so you can’t touch any surface or object with the naked hand. Keep on keeping 6 feet among you and others. It is more than good to stay at home and keep yourself and others safe and secure from this dangerous virus.

How to avoid the Corona Virus:

COVID-19 Pandemic Coronavirus isolate

Practice social distancing. Maintain a strategic distance from individuals who are infected or meeting in large and enormous gatherings. Remain at home when you feeling sick. At the time of coughing and sneezing cover your mouth with tissue paper, any cloth or with your elbow. Try not to cough or sneeze into your hands.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially when you wake up, going to bed for sleep, before and after eating anything, and also clean and wash your hands after cleaning out your nose, after coughing and sneezing. Always keep alcoholic based hand sanitizer with yourself. If soap and water are not available utilize a hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands. Continuously wash hands with cleanser and water if hands are dirty. Stop yourself to touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, frequently.

Myths about Coronavirus Disease

Myth 1: Exposing yourself to the sun or to sit in a temperature more than 30 C can prevent the coronavirus disease.

Fact: You can catch and infected from COVID – 19 in any way whether you expose yourself to the sun or not. Countries with hot weather are also infected with this dangerous disease.

Myth 2: You cannot recover with coronavirus disease.

Fact: The death rate from coronavirus disease is very low. You can recover from this disease but make sure you take proper precautions.

Myth 3: Cold weather or snow can kill the coronavirus.

Fact: Cold weather or snow cannot kill the coronavirus. There is no reason to believe in this myth.

Myth 4: New Coronavirus can transmit from a mosquito bite.

Fact: To date, there is not even a piece of single evidence that shows or reveals that new coronavirus is transmitted from a mosquito bite. This new virus is a respiratory virus.

Myth 5: Hand dryer is effective in killing COVID-19 germs.

Fact: No. If you want to protect yourself, wash your hands frequently.

Myth 6: Eating garlic can protect yourself from COVID-19

Fact: Garlic is healthy food but no study proves garlic helps you to prevent COVID-19.

Myth 7: Only older people are infected with this virus disease.

Fact: People of all ages can infect from this disease. But there are more chances for older people and people who carry any chronic disease.

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