Piece of moon worth $2.5million

The moon has entertained man since the beginning of mankind’s history as an image of intensity, love, time and success, and is the world’s just common satellite. It is thought to have been shaped 4.5 billion years back when a Mars-sized body crashed into the earth.

Numerous specialists believe the moon framed after Earth was hit by a planet the size of Mars billions of years prior. This is known as the giant effect theory.

The hypothesis recommends the moon is comprised of leftover after an impact between our planet and a body around 4.5 billion years back.

The impacting body is once in a while called Theia, after the legendary Greek Titan who was the mother of Selene, the goddess of the moon.

Many different theories that is releasing over the year about similar fingerprint of earth and moon.

The rock of moon or can say that piece of moon having weight approximately 13.5 kg fell on earth in a meteor shower in the Sahara Desert two years ago.

The price of this 13.5kg piece of moon is set a $2.5 million and it was the fifth largest moon piece on earth. Anyone with money could buy this piece of moon.

Christie’s, a British auction house said the stone was likely knocked off the moon’s surface by a crash with a space rock or a comet and it was needed to travel 239,000 miles through space before tumbling to earth in a fiery meteor shower. Around 30 shooting stars from the shower were found in Northwest Africa and Christie’s was additionally offering for private deal a set of 13 aesthetic iron meteorites.

Hyslop said

“In the year back in 1960s or 70s theprogramme back with almost 400kilograms of moon rock and scientist analyzed the chemical and isotopic composition of those rocks and they find out that they match with certain type of meteorites.”

Hyslop further said:

“In magnitude this piece of moon is larger than other lunar meteorite that we sold before. Previous lunar has the tendency to fit in our hand but this time the piece of moon which fell sown is 10 times larger.”

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