Microsoft Family Safety App

We are living in a world very everyone owns a mobile from 3- or 4-year kid to 60 or 70 years our grandparents, our lives are incomplete without mobiles. If technology like mobile gives us a list of advantages then it has also some disadvantages that are not neglectable. If your kid is using mobile the first thing is which type of content he would see and how much time you allow your kid to use mobile because an excess of everything is dangerous.

Microsoft introduces an app that is called a family safety app in android and iOS mobile. This app is mainly mange and controlled by parents for their children’s mobile activity while using mobile. Microsoft announced it in March. With the help of this app, parents can control their kid’s screen activity in android, iOS, and Xbox.

Microsoft Family Safety helps you to encourage a discourse with your children about the time they are spending on their gadgets and the kind of substance they are seeing. The application gives information on where everybody is investing their time on the web and permits you to make adaptable calendars to give out more time for learning things like internet learning. Moreover, it encourages you to remain associated in any event when you’re separated from area sharing. Microsoft is focused on presenting to you extra physical wellbeing highlights in the coming months about your children, similar to safe driving, so when you return to your normal routine after lockdown phase this app can also help ensure your family over your entire life.

Microsoft family safety app

Key Features of the Family Safety App

Activity Report

With the help of this app, you can get a report of your kid about what kind of websites they visit and what kind of content they see. In this way, you can easily do a conversation about your kid screening activity. You can view their screen, top website visited and the term your kids are searching on their mobile.

Screen Time Limit

You can add a screen timing according to your choice for gaming and online learning. If you want your kids to play the game online for only one hour, you can add a screen timing. In this family safety app, one hour is meant for one hour. After one hour, if your kid still playing the game on their mobile you get a notification to extend their time or not. It is totally up to you to choose what is good for your family.

Content Control

Through this app, you can create a secure place for your kid to explore online. You can set a boundary for your kid according to their age. You can block adult and mature content and website which you don’t want your kid to see. You can also get a notification if your kid downloads or opens a mature app or games. This app helps you to talk with your kid about what is right for them to see.

Location Sharing

Stay connected with your kid if you are far apart from them. By location, sharing track of your loved ones when they are not at home. If your teenager is outside from the home it is important to track that, where are they? You can also save places where your loved ones more like to go, like home, work, family friend’s place or any other place.

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