List of a country with best Technologies 2020

We are in the 21st century and this era, all the game is about technology. Technology is a very interesting and useful as well as a dangerous thing. We can use it for many good things but we can also use it to destroy the world. We have unbelievable and mind-blowing technology like 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics, superintelligence, and many more.

Numerous countries around the world have tried to keep up and gain the place of a nation with world-class technologies. As we know technology is one of the country’s primary weapons, since technology can assist the nation with building and make something without any problem. In this procedure, numerous countries in the world have been alluded to as one of the most technologically propelled nations because of technology, skills, and the ability they have.

Countries list technology best

Here is a list of countries that have the best technologies from our perspective.


Japan is a well-known country when it comes to technology and advancement. The researcher and scientist of Japan have made enormous efforts in different fields like autos, hardware, machines, earthquake engineering, optics, robots, metals, and semi-transmitters. The country has been turning out to be less subject to imported fuel since 1973. Its endeavors proved to be fruitful in 2008 when Japan initiated seven atomic reactors. Atomic reactors supply around 34 percent of the country’s power. Japanese analysts and researchers have won numerous Nobel Prizes.


This little, 5.4 million European countries in Scandinavia are well known for its cutting-edge social insurance facilities, while many thinks about the brand ‘Nokia’ when they allude to Finland. This state of ICT improvement has been utilized by the Finnish state in which e-government application has been actualized since 1994 with a procedure that requires the advancement of electronic exchange frameworks between government offices and with the general population or private leagues. These days, Finland concentrates more on biosciences, vitality, and natural science.

United States

The advances in space innovation have played the main game in making the United States of America a worldwide superpower. From the nuclear bomb to landing Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Space exploration, pharmaceuticals, safeguard framework and broadcast communications have been the United States’ principal centers for a long time. This country has the most impressive and mechanically advanced military on the planet. This country has delivered the world’s greatest innovation organizations like Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM, and Microsoft. These innovations behemoths have changed how people live around the world.


We can’t say that China is a ruler country when it comes to technology but yes china is one of the highly advanced countries in the account of skills and technology.  China has astounded the world with significant technological advancement it has made which has easy to estimate that china will come on top in 10 to 20 years in the field of advancement and technology. China is producing a great amount of steel to make many outstanding weapons with all the more focusing on potential.

South Korea

South Korea is the origin of innovation organizations like LG, Hyundai, and Samsung. These brands are contending with worldwide innovation brands like Apple and Toyota. South Korean researchers have made significant and highly appreciated commitments in fields like mechanical autonomy. The local web speed in South Korea is three time fast that in the US.

South Korea makes advanced technology for robots, vehicles, trains, computer systems, air-conditions, boats, TVs, helicopters, and planes.


Germany has been an innovative country for quite a long time. It is notable for its accomplishments in the field of building. German researchers have contributed to fields like space travel and nanotechnology. Research and development endeavors are an essential piece of the German economy. Logical research in the nation is supported by the business

Mechanical industries and car industries, specifically, are responsible for an enormous piece of Germany’s achievement in the current year’s positioning, the main financial expert at Hamburg Commercial Bank, Cyrus de la Rubbia, Business Insider.


Canada has a profoundly developed innovation division. The Government of Canada highly and strongly support sciences and research. The country works in quiet advances, for example, biotechnology. Canada made the remote interact machines, chip less credit and platinum cards, and the progressed supersonic twin-engine. It assigns about 2% of its GDP to RD.

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