How to make your casual dress look formal?

Many of the time you go somewhere but don’t want to dress up formally and want to go in casual dress. The secret to turning the casual dress into formal is hidden in how to dress up and dressing up detail. There are many ways through which you can easily make your casual dress look fancy and formal like wear shiny jewelry and put fancy clutch with high heels and perfect makeup. Today I’m going to tell you some simple and easy ways which may help you to change your simple casual attire into fancy formal attire.  Have a look and if you find it useful, share it with your friends and besties.

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Iron them

Casual dress formal how

Wrinkle make your most expensive and formal dress, cheap and casual. You need to iron or steam your clothes properly before wearing it. Try to use steamer because it is a cheap and easy investment that will change your cloth completely. No matter what you wear and how you wear, if it presses properly and looks wrinkle-free you look perfect and luxurious in it. If you wear casual clothe with good pressing you can wear them at any formal place.


It’s also imperative to ensure whatever you intend to wear is as perfect as a pin. Be on a lookout for any holes or stains that may be present before putting it on. If you decide to wear a shirt, regardless of whether it has a button or not, now and again tucking it into your jeans or skirt includes that tad of tidiness. Be careful with those that can acquire wrinkles without any problem. That in itself shouts “informal.”

Wear accessories

No matter what you wear put shiny accessories on it. Like big stone rings, colorful bangles, statement necklaces, silver watch, and small studs. If you don’t want to wear all these just wear a small diamond earring, a locket with a diamond pendant, and carry a little fancy clutch in your hand. It gives you the perfect formal appearance and you can go easily anywhere you want. If you did not feel easy with cultch, you can also carry handbags of neutral colors. You can wear hair accessories too.

Make good hairstyle

Your hair can also really help you to change your outfit. Have you ever thought about this? If no…then think about it now. If your hairs are straight and wavy then change your look by straightening your hairs or if your hairs have dead straight then make curls. Curl looks fancier and more formal as compared to straight hairs. If you don’t have enough time to make curls, then make simple messy ben and place hair jewelry on it. Hair jewelry helps you in many ways to make your dress more formal like you can attach hair jewelry on your outfit and it change your dress.

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Wear fancy shoes

Wear fancy shoes with a casual dress is the easiest way to give your casual look an instant turn. You don’t need to wear branded and expensive pumps cheap pumps also give you a precise look. But you still want to wear branded shoes and you are tight in budget then just keep your eyes on sale periods and search on outlets. Wear a white simple t-shirt and casual pajama with high heel fancy pumps. This is the perfect casual look you can take for going any formal dinner. Neutral color pumps give you a more precise look. You can also go with a black strappy sandal or classic ballet style shoes.

Designer nail art

Nail art is an inventive method to paint, enliven, improve, and adorn the nails. It is a sort of art that should be possible on fingernails and toenails, as a rule after nail trims or pedicures. Envision your dress as a clear palette and your nails as a canvas. Get inventive by sticking on little gems, stickers, and drawing on your nail structures. It put more color and fanciness in your casual dress. Try to put red nail paint, it looks more elite.

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