How to change your old android mobile or tablet into a new gadget

In modern world technology change, evolve and innovate daily. It gives users some new and advanced features as it upgrades.  As technology is upgrading rapidly so people also need to upgrade themselves according to technology and today’s basic need.

When you buy a new mobile phone for yourselves the first question that appears in your mind is that what do you do with your old Android phone or tablets? That question typically calls with three-layer answers. The first one is, you may exchange them for another buy. Secondly, again you could sell them on any online selling website. Thirdly and most likely, you will simply stuff them in a cabinet as a backup for an emergency.

Besides these three options, another option still exists in your list which you may not know or you perhaps neglect this option. You can change your old android phone into a beautiful and useful gadget. For example, you can download Google Maps in your mobile and make it in a car GPD navigator gadget or you may change old android phones into a webcam.

You can also change your unused android phone into weather cam, pet cam or nannycam, Even better options are also there that you can change them into WIFI hot spot pack that can provide your internet connection during your journey.

Read on for certain situations that will let you put your old android phone or tablet to use better than making a pack of dust in a cabinet. Remember that some of these options are more suited for cell phones, while others would work better with the bigger screen a tablet gives.

Convert your Android Tablet to Dash Cam

Android mobile tablets gadgets

An android tablet can convert into dashcam as an android tablet has come with built-in cam and GPS that we use for many purposes. The old android tablet can help you to record the insane car accidents that you may use for the insurance claim. With no additional exertion, you can get the best results while shooting. Exactly at no additional expense, get a cam for your vehicle. Double ensure your security and safety and include something valuable and great working as the proof in your car.

If you want to read complete guide for how to convert your Android mobile or Tablet in to dashcam click on the link

Guide to convert Old Android device into Dashcam

Convert your old Android Mobile into motion identifier Camera

You can also change over the Android mobile or tablet into a motion identifier camera without waste a penny. Use the power of movement detector which is available on your tablet when you need and identify movement in a case. You can change over the Android tablet into a movement indicator camera. Guarantee the safety and security of your home with your old tablet through the assistance of following the manual to Convert Your Old Android Device to a Motion Detector Camera.

The camera on your tablet is utilized to carry out the responsibility of movement detection. A few customization settings are available that can assist you in building remote home security. It is perfect to pick the remote movement detection since they can be placed anyplace in the house and no association is need with the PC.

Convert your old Tablet into new GPS Device

If you going to dump your android tablet or think about selling it then wait, you can change your Tablet into the beautiful GPS device. This can help you to make your journey safe and sound. The only disadvantage of this Tablet cum GPS device is its battery which you can cover up by changing your android device battery with a backup battery.  In contrast to the traditional ones, GPS Tablet has the convenience, permitting any individual to get access to it when walking or cycling around.

Convert Your Android Tablet into Beautiful Weather Station

At whenever or wherever we need to check the climate, we as a whole take out our cell phones from our pockets to know the present status of the ongoing weather.  But there is good news for you. If you have an Android tablet, at that point you can make the weather station that is consistent with you at whatever point you need to get to it.

Your old and unused tablet will transform into a wonderful and simple to utilize weather station giving your climate reports based on your area and give cautioning levels to extraordinary weather. Get customized alarms when there is an unexpected change in climate through your climate station to think before going out. Plan your family trips by getting to your climate station that just requires your unused dusty tablet and a plan to make it more valuable than any other time in recent memory.

Here is a complete guide to convert android tablet into weather forecasting station.

Guide to convert old Android into Weather forecast station

Convert your old Tablet into Music Player

Android mobile tablets gadgets

Music is an amazing substance and one can’t survive without it. With our mobile, we as a whole can hear it out at whatever point we need to. Are you a large number of listeners around yourself? at that point, you can utilize your Android tablet for this ideal circumstance. You can utilize your tablet fortunately as a music house and utilize its own battery life that is available in it for your advantage.

Spare your time, space and the expense of power by building your Android tablet as a music house. Burden it up with your preferred music and sound clips to get it going. Simply snatch your old Android tablet, energize it and make the gadget valuable once more. Be a DJ at your gathering by playing some incredible numbers and your customized playlist to make the people around yourself groove.

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