7 Magical herbs use to reduce belly fats

Have you been ever thought why people in the past don’t suffer from fat or heavyweight? I give you the answer that the use of herbs in that time is more often than know. People of that time eat natural food that helps them to maintain their weight and protect them from many diseases. The secret behind why the Chinese are smart is that the Chinese use herbs to lose weight. Many herbs contain a potent compound that targets belly fat and fasts the metabolism rate. Here I tell you some effective weight loss herb that you can use in your daily life to decrease belly fats.

Belly fat magical herbs


One of the main reasons behind the belly fat is an unbalanced hormone. People who use mint frequently reported feeling more hormonally balanced. It is an effective weight loss herb because it helps to release excess estrogen that leads you toward weight gain. Mint is also good to reduce stress levels. You can eat mint as it is or you can boil mint leaf in water and drink that water daily after food. You can also make a sauce with spearmint and garlic and eat it with anything.


Many people use ginger and ginger tea to lose weight. Ginger is a very good body cleanser. It helps in cleansing fats and other impurities which make you fat from your body. Ginger in antioxidant powerhouse which helping soothe an upset stomach. And once your stomach works properly you can digest all food easily. You can add this herb in tea, green tea, your daily meal, and also in salad and sauces.


Sugar in blood and blood pressure is also the reason behind fat and heavyweight. Cinnamon is a herb that can balance your sugar level in blood and also helps you to low your blood pressure. If you eat one pinch of cinnamon powder daily in the morning before eating anything is very helpful to weight loss and keep you away from high sugar level and blood pressure. Cinnamon helps to mover glucose in the cell so that the fat-storage hormones don’t leave fats, to sum up in one place. Add half tablespoon of cinnamon powder in 8 glass of water. Boil it and drink it throughout the day.


There are two types of ginseng which may sell everywhere, Siberian and Chinese. Both types of ginseng are helping in reducing weight. They boost the metabolism rate and give you extra energy which helps to burn fat. Roughly chopped ginseng then takes 8 cups of water and add ½ tablespoon of chopped ginseng in it. It is a good practice to lose weight without exercise or hard work out. It gives you energy and loses weight.


Cardamom not only gives you relief from bad breath but also an effective weight loss herb. This herb boosts your metabolic rate. It also gives the ability to your body to burn fat and give you relief from belly fat. Its taste is so good so eat it as it is with its cover. You can add it to many deserts to taste them better and helps you to lose weight.


Fenugreek is a typical family unit spice got from Trigonellafoenum-graecum, a plant having a place with the bean’s family. A few studies have discovered that fenugreek may help control hunger and lessen food intake to help weight reduction. One study in 18 individuals indicated that taking 8 grams of fenugreek fiber daily increases the feeling of a tummy fullness and decreased craving and food intake.

Another little research found that taking fenugreek seed decreases fats up to 17% which you take daily, as compared with a fake treatment. This brought about a lower number of calories to take through the span of the day.


Yes, turmeric can help you to lose your belly fat. It has been utilized for years around Asia for its medical advantages, however, turmeric has additionally been found in many viable weight reduction methods. When ingested, turmeric accelerates weight reduction, sheds belly fat, and stop fat cells from increasing and generating new fat cells.


Lemongrass tea is utilized as a detox tea that helps you in digestion and also helps you with getting thinner by losing belly fat. All things considered, most research on lemongrass and weight reduction is not scientific. Since lemongrass is a diuretic in character, if you drink enough of it on your daily basis or 3 to 4 times in a week, you’re probably going to drop a few pounds and belly fat.

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