7 biggest brain-damaging habits

The brain controls all the systems of our body and we can say that brain is the powerhouse of the body. If we are hurt, hungry, thirsty or anything, the first message that gets from our body is our brain. It controls all the functions that we do in our day and night. It is the main control center of every function. Our many lifestyle habits are damage our brain like take stress, drink less water, work all day long and many others. We must keep our brain working. For this, we just need to eliminate our habits that may affect our brain and responsible to damage our brain. But first, we need to highlight and point out these habits which cause brain damage. Today I tell you 7 biggest brain damaging habit you need to avoid them. It is a general awareness; you must have read and shared.

Biggest brain's damage habits

Talk rarely

Many people have a habit of talking less and rare. People who talk rarely may end up with brain damage. Because when you talk less you think less and your brain works less. When your brain works less your brain cells become shrink and the brain becomes damaged. But when you talk weather intellectual or something common you think before speaks and your brain starts working, it gives health to your brain and prevents your brain from damage. The more you think deeper thoughts, the more the brain muscles are exercised that develop your brain better. Whatever you do but keep your brain active.

Brain working during illness

In a student’s life, we all become ill when our exams are near and we continue over study during illness, its effect over the brain drastically. Because when we are ill our brain gets affected and we continuously affected it by hard-working routine. Our brain has little capacity to regenerate because the human brain is so complicated. When we force our mind to work with steamy power, it starts losing vast network cell and have a devastating result.

Skipping breakfast

When you skip breakfast, it increases the risks of overweight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and unhealthy fats.  The sad reality of our life is that we ignore breakfast and do heavy lunch and dinner. People who skip their breakfast has led to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain due to this their brain become damage. The simple logic is that when you wake up you are hunger whether you feel it or not and you need food to feed your body and mind. Add this good habit in your lifestyle and do your breakfast daily for you and your mental health.

Cover head while sleeping

Cover your head with a pillow, wear a cap or fold scarf around your head may a big cause of brain damage. It is a bit weird and difficult to digest but it is true. When you cover your head during night sleep it reduces your oxygen intake and also increases your carbon dioxide intake which is not good for your brain. You even feel or not but when you are sleeping you are losing air and when you cover your head, there is no chance to air reach your mind which is the cause to damage your brain during your peaceful night sleep.

High sugar consumption

Many people out there is a die heart fan of chocolates and sweets, unknown the fact that high sugar consumption is not only bad for our health but also bad for our brain. When you eat sugar continuously it will absorb protein and nutrients which your body and mind need. Reducing the amount of protein and nutrients can cause malnutrition which may affect your brain development. So next time when you start craving for sugar, just think about it’s all the harm that it causes. I hope this trick is worked and you start to reduce your sugar intake.


We normally overeating associate with weight gain and other unhealthy activities. But today I give you another reason to avoid overeating which is, overeating damage your brain. When you eat more or eat foods that are lacking nutrients; the body remains hungry and you not getting enough nutrients that your brain needs. It optimizes your brain performance. Eat poor-nutrients foods have been directly associated with low brain volume.

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