5 best exercise for your lower body

In this lockdown period, we all are getting fat as we sit all day on our couch while using mobile or watching television. Eat a lot of oily food without doing a workout or take any precautions. When we eat all day and sit on the sofa without doing anything, all the fat comes and sticks at our lower body. The lower body is the most troublesome spot. It is very difficult to reduce fat from the lower body.

There are three significant muscles in the butt. These are the gluteus maximus, the gluteus minimus, and the gluteus medius. It is somehow difficult or you can say that not possible to cut down and reduce fat from one specific area. It is more convenient to reduce your overall fat from the body with toning a butt.

Here is a five best way to reduce your fat from your lower body as well as helps you to tone your body perfectly. These exercises you can easily perform at home. Do these exercises at least four days in a way for 30 minutes.

Powerful exercises lower body


Squats are a significant piece of exercise plans. This is likely because of their capacity to work a few muscles in the butt, legs, and belly simultaneously. One 2009 researched, which showed up in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, inspected the impacts of different activities on the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius.

First, you stand and place your hand horizontally. Putting your weight on your heels and sit down like you want to sit on a chair. Push your butts backward as far as you can. Pause when your tights are parallel to the ground.  Then they slowly rise upward. Do this repeatedly for 15 to 20 minutes.


It is the one exercise that we as a whole love to abhor and hate to cherish. A board is a straightforward, compelling bodyweight practice that requires no gear and can be performed pretty much anyplace (well, utilize your judgment). Planks are one of the greater moves for a core workout. They are a killer for your abs. They increase your posture and flexibility. 

First, you get on a floor in the position of pushups. Then bend your right elbow and rest your weight on the forearm. Keep your body in a straight line. Keep this position as far as you can and release it. Then do this same with your left elbow.


Plié squats work your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and your internal thighs. While conventional squats additionally work the glutes, quads, and hamstrings, plié squats give more concentration to the internal thighs. This makes plié squats particularly extraordinary for individuals hoping to fix and tone the internal thigh.

It is as simple as you see but indefinitely helps you to more tuning then you will think. It is just like squats but it is a modified form of squat.  Stand with your feet but slightly wider than your shoulder.  Point your toe outside from your body. Put your hands on your hips. Then push your buttocks behind in a straight line from the ceiling and floor. When your lower move down, your knees should bended. Then slowing back up to the starting position.


The scissor kick is one of a few activities you can do to make and keep up your center strength. It focuses on your lower body, which implies you connect with numerous muscles to finish the move. This activity is called ripple kicks.

Having the option to play out the scissor kick practice effectively relies upon how carefully you can keep your structure. That is the reason you need your abs, not your lower back, accomplishing the work. Raise your right leg toward the ceiling. Keeping them straight. Stop for 1 minute then put it down. Same do with your left leg.


Cycling is the most suitable exercise for your hips and lower body. When you do cycling, your full lower body is moving. It is helpful for your tight muscle. When you rapidly move your legs, you got sweat. It helps you to burn your fat. At the start, you will feel pain but when you continue to do these exercises your body becomes used to and pain will end.



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